Well, they are a exfoliating sponge which is filled with amazingly fragranced soap! Here are a few reasons why you need one in your life!

1 – They’re an innovative time saver.

Gone are the days of squeezing shower gel onto a sponge, having to re-apply.

This no fuss multi-functional sponge is ready to use straight out of the wrapper! Massage, lather, rinse.. done!

2 – Fake tan addicts rejoice!

Our Soap Sponges are great for gently exfoliating before you tan, also amazing at removing unwanted leftover tan after! No fuss running around looking for exfoliator, cloth/sponge, grab your Soap Sponge and you’re good to go!

3 – It’s quick and easy to throw into gym bags and wash bags!

4 – Going on Holiday? No problem!

Great for holidays as there is no need to pack a shower gel with these fabulous sponges.

Also avalible are our novelty soap sponges for children

My answer to this is yes & why not we have a selection of scents for men which include jp geek, one million & creedence.

Theses scents are also avalible not only for bath bombs but also avalible for bubble bars & whipped soap. Whipped soap i here you say, it is a form of soap that is just softer then the normal soap bar that you can buy & you only need a small amount, my husband even uses it as a substitue for shaving foam.